Mª Dolores de Miguel Gómez (CV)

Inocencia Martínez León (CV)

Francisco Alcón Provencio (CV)

Beatriz Marín Noriega (CV)

David Moral Cifuentes

Technical Staff

Claudia Antón Dolado

José María Montalbán Rodríguez


The great tradition in higher education in Cartagena dates back to the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, with a special focus on studies in the fields of Technology and Economics. The long trajectory in Technology Education in Cartagena proves our Schools to be pioneers in the development of technological formal education centers in Spain. It is worth noting that, in a strict chronological order, our studies in Mining Engineering were the third to be established in Spain and that in the case of studies in Industrial Engineering, they were the first to be implemented in Spain as Higher Schools of Industrial Engineering, simultaneously with other Institutions in nine cities across the country. From that point, their individual development followed different paths to finally converge and be integrated into theTechnical University of Cartagena.

Main roles on the Project:

  •  General coordination of activities
  • Contractual and financial management
  • Technical direction of teaching and curricula update activities (design of the new curricula, modules, materials)
  • Teaching activities (with some support from partner´s teaching staff)
  •  Links with industry and other stakeholders in Europe
  •  Evaluation and monitoring


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Lewis Kathuni (CV)

Geofrey Gathungu (CV)





Chuka University was the first public institution of higher learning to be established in Eastern Province, Kenya. The government’s objective of establishing the institution was to enhance education access and equity to the people in the region and Kenya at large. This is after the government realized that Education leads to better economic, social and political governance and is a catalyst for transforming Kenya into an industrialized middle-income nation.

Establishment of Chuka University has led to the congregation of students and staff from all parts of the country from different cultures. Apart from specialty courses, our students are taught core courses and participate in extra curricula activities that promote peace-building and reconciliation. Peaceful co-existence among our students is a demonstration of how mankind should live on earth.

Main roles on the Project:

 Inputs for Kenya needs analysis

  • Support to elaboration of teaching materials and translation
  • Uptake of alumni for courses
  • Management of platform
  • Links with industry and other stakeholders in Kenya
  • Promotion of Kenyan agribusiness involvement/ownership of project
  • Relationship with other projects, programs, and donors in Kenya

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Martine Nyeko (CV)

Basil Mugonola (CV)

Ben Waiswa




Gulu University is a public university instituted by the act of Parliament, statutory instrument 2003 No. Gulu University is committed to its vision and mission which states:” to be the leading academic institution for the promotion of rural transformation and industrialization for sustainable development”, and “to expand access to higher education, conduct applied research and provide quality professional training to the delivery of appropriate services directed towards social transformation and conservation of bio-diversity”. From 2002 to Date the University steadily increased its intake, faculties and programmes due to the demand to satisfy practical needs nationally, regionally and internationally.

Main roles on the Project:

  •  Inputs for Uganda needs analysis.
  • Support to elaboration of teaching materials.
  • Uptake of alumni for courses from Uganda and other countries on the region.
  • Visibility and dissemination events Uganda.
  • Links with industry and other stakeholders in Uganda.
  • Promotion of Ugandan agribusiness involvement/ownership of project.

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