Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

The Act  5 of August 3, 1998, allows the creation of the Technical University of Cartagena, which comprises the following centers:

  • School of Agricultural Engineering.
  • School of Industrial Engineering.
  • School of Telecommunications Engineering.
  • School of Civil Engineering.
  • School of Architecture and Building Engineering.
  • School of Naval Engineering.
  • Faculty of Business.

Affiliated centers as authorized by the law which created UPCT:

  • University Centre for Defence. General Air Academy.
  • School of Tourism.

Other centers:

  • Agrifood Research Station "Tomás Ferro".
  • Institute of Plant Biotechnology.

 The Technical University of Cartagena is a public institution, part of the Spanish Science and Technology system. It offers various educational programs to an average of 7,000 students at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Furthermore, it is home to 84 research groups, developing 400 lines of research, with more than 600 researchers and technologists, and 150,000 square feet of facilities spread over three campuses. This allows the UPCT to be a reference centre for R & D companies, both in the region of Murcia and beyond, helping in innovation processes and adding value to products.