African Center for Applicative Development & Innovation in Agribusiness (ACADIA)

  • Project Financed by EDULINK II under Call of Proposal EuropeaID/132023/D/ACT/ACPTPS.
  • Locations of the action: Kenya and Uganda (EAC).
  • Total duration of the action: 36 months.
  • Amount of required EU contribution: 487.626,89 euros.

Target groups:

  •  University and Higher Education Teachers( from Universities of Kenya, Uganda and the region) Preference on Women teaching staff.
  • Vocational School Teachers- Kenya , Uganda and other EAC Universities.
  • Industry managers and technical staff at agroindustry with relevant graduate degrees or enrolled on undergraduate programs at EAC Universities.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students of Kenya and Uganda.
  • Actual or potential entrepreneurs.
  • Managerial and Management Staff at Kenyan and Ugandan Enterprises.

Final beneficiaries:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students of EAC.
  • HEIs in EAC, by an enhanced and more attractive curricula and sustainable links to industry.
  • Agribusiness industry and exports, and smallholder farmers.
  • Young graduates who will acquire a more efficient and applied learning and thus better job orientation.
  • On the long term: rural economic development, contribution to resource management and higher agricultural productivity.

Expected results:

  • University Professors and TIVET teachers of Kenya and Uganda trained on the latest applied agricultural managerial practices and technologies.
  • A stable and active exchange network of HEIs and private sector (inl. Virtual Platform) for the continuing update on technologies and practices.
  • Create a stable and active collaboration among University Professors of EAC and Europe.